"You'd better wait for me"

Everything Means Everything:
Generative Art Project
Inspired by The National

This project is a result of my genuine love for The National, passion for programming, and fascination with generative art.


Generative art allows to create pieces of digital art according to certain algorithms set up to a computer by an artist/coder/programmer. For me it is always about seeking boundaries between familiar and peculiar, between control and chaos.

Generative art expresses a balance between human imagination and computer capabilities. I believe in the idea that the code is a form of art in itself as it represents program written by human, and thus is creative.

* * *

I made generative arts for each of The National's album. Works reflect my perception of each album in its entirety. The main purpose was to depict my feelings in a moment of listening every record on repeat. And then visualise them.

Algorithms and patterns I used in code contain numbers related to each album: the number of tracks, release date, etc. I used colors of the records' covers. I also gave a name to each series of works from the lyrics which are resonate with my perception.

Each set of works has some randomness in code, or even intentional mistakes. Mistakes overturn and change the paradigm of strict algorithms.

About artworks

Each piece is unique and can not be repeated. An artwork is an autonomous entity with its own personality, its own set of rules and its special way of life.

The actual size of each artwork is between 1,000x1,000px and 5,000x5,000px. However, the works have been reduced for easy viewing and optimization of the webpage.